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At The Service Depot Inc. we service all types of small offset presses, from AB Dick to Ryobi, even the Heidelberg Quickmaster/Printmaster!
We also service many types of bindery equipment, plate making equipment, darkroom equipment, plate/film processors, plate/contact frames.  You name it - we fix it! Do you have a new CTP unit?  We can service your processor, and supply you parts/supplies, filters, covers, often at a fraction of the price of the dealer!

Printing Companies who are responsible, and who are concerned about the environment should have Chemistry Neutralizers on their CTP units!  We at The Service Depot Inc. are capable of supplying the units, or providing support for your existing units!  Metafix units, CPAC DNS Units Service Contracts are available for both unitsSave money on hauling chemistry away, neutralize it, and make it safe to go down the drain! 

Our sales and service network is designed specifically to ensure that our customers get the maximum possible use from their equipment.

We offer technical training and support, quick maintenance and spare parts supply.

And in the unlikely event of a problem, we make every effort to quickly solve it.


Minimize Costly Downtime with a Fast and Reliable Service Partner - The Service Depot Inc.

The success of your business depends greatly on the dependable performance of your equipment. From the moment of downtime, your company's productivity and profit begins to decline - every hour is detrimental to your bottom line. A reliable service partner, able to provide knowledgeable, capable and fast service is vital to your success.
The Service Depot Inc. is that partner.
A premier provider of repair and technical service, The Service Depot Inc. has an established reputation and over 23 years of experience in the graphic arts industry. Our comprehensive service force covers numerous makes and models of pre-press, press and post-press equipment including: platemakers, imagesetters, plate and film processors, presses, folders, cutters, drills, laminators, bindery equipment and more.  Preventative maintenance is the key to any successful business!  Let us maintain all your equipment, Creo platesetters, AGFA platesetters, as well as any of the Plate Processors!  Often your staff doesn't have the time, the correct tools, or the working knowledge to perform their maintenance to the fullest extent.

Flexible Service Programs

The Service Depot provides a variety of maintenance programs customized to meet your needs. From coverage of all labor for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, to warranty service, to emergency repair service, there is a plan to meet your specific requirements.
We offer scheduled preventative maintenance and periodic inspections designed to extend the life of your equipment and reduce operator involvement - ultimately increasing your profitability. It is our goal to ensure that your equipment functions at its maximum capability to provide the highest quality.


is the key to any successful business! There is no substitution for regular maintenance, it will make your equipment last longer; perform better, and, in the long run, save you MONEY. We have schedules for all types of equipment to help you keep your maintenance regular. Many customers are too busy to keep track of their service schedule, so we do it for you!
You let us know what kind of regular maintenance you would like, and we contact you at the appropriate time to remind you it is time for your regularly scheduled maintenance. At that time, we discuss an acceptable time for both of us, and then we call the day before just to confirm, because we know, especially in printing, deadlines are important, and maintenance may have to be rescheduled due to your busy schedule.  


Email us at if you have any questions or concerns, or would like to schedule a meeting to discuss this in person. Just provide your Company name, Contact name, and Telephone number, and a description of your equipment you are considering having serviced.

Parts are available for nearly all makes of Offset Printing Equipment at very competitive prices. Many parts available for unique types of equipment as well!

Maintenance/Repairs and Spare Parts readily available!